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Since our foundation in 1911, Sailor Pen has been associated with handwriting culture and manufacture of quality writing instruments with the Spirit of Japanese culture.
2006 is the year of our 95th anniversary. We have been working with the technology cultivated over 95 years and with the materials and craftsmanship of the past ages and using the concepts of REliance And LOcus the special 95th Anniversary fountain pen "REALO" was born. This portrays our pride of being the first manufacturer of fountain pens in Japan, and moreover serious efforts to open new doors to the future.

We use the original acrylic "King of Pens" as the basis of the product, and this is the first use of the piston filling system in our history. To complement the historical significance and the accumulated traditional techniques for this special pen, Sailor have added to the experience by choosing a traditional "Koushu" Inden pen pouch. This "Inden" tradition has a history dating back almost 400 years using deerskin specially treated with special Urushi lacquers. The special nib chosen is the "Naginata Togi" (Japanese long sword), which is the pinnacle of writing quality and excellence.

Please enjoy this special Fountain Pen and celebrate with us 95 years of Quality and Excellence combined with tradition and heritage - The REALO

95th Anniversary Fountain Pen "REALO" Package

1 Fountain Pen
1 Pen Pouch
1 Black ink
1 Booklet

Piston filling system
Sailor has chosen a self-filling system "Piston filling system". To fill the "REALO" simply dip in any ink and rotate back button it fills its own.

Ink tank window
Sailor uses a special clear window to observe the ink reservoir with large ink capacity - 1.5mls. Easily confirms remaining ink volume.

Naginata Togi
The special nib chosen is the "Naginata Togi", which is the pinnacle of writing quality and excellence. Using the long heritage of 95 years experience and combining the proficient craftsmanship with reliability - Sailor presents the masterpiece of nibs "Naginata Togi".

Cap ring
A dignified body and a special engraved 24K gold plated cap ring bring together a luxury and elegance.

Inden Pen Pouch - The Combination of technology and Craftsmanship
Sailor has chosen a traditional "Koushu Inden" deerskin leather pen pouch made using Urushi lacquering techniques dating back over 400 years.

95th Anniversary Fountain Pen "REALO"
Nib: Gold 21K "Naginata Togi"
Barrel: Acrylic resin/Black
Metal: Gold 24K Plating
Size: φ20 × 153mm

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